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Playground Bark

Playground Bark

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Made of premium quality, Brisks Playground Bark is the perfect choice for children, providing them with a safe and structurally sound platform to enjoy in both indoor and outdoor play areas. To confirm the quantity required for your lawns, we have a play area bark calculator that can help you to calculate the approx bark chippings required as per your area specifications.

Common Uses:

  • Garden

  • Parks

  • Lawns

  • Pathways

Play Bark Chippings Key Features:

  • Bag Size Options: Play Bark Bulk Bag approx 800kg

  • Non-Staining Properties: Our play bark chippings carry non-staining properties, offering it a fresh and new look every time.

  • Weather-Resistant: In a country like Britain, where weather is pretty unpredictable. Brisks play area bark offers you weather-resistant properties for an everlasting effect.

  • Versatile: The best part of our playground bark is that it is versatile and can be used for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. 

Play Area Bark Additional Info:

  • Delivery Options: Our speedy delivery service ensures your order arrives promptly. All bagged deliveries will be dropped off curbside via an 18-t tail lift vehicle and pump truck. For more details, please refer to our delivery guide.
  • Bulk Orders: Planning for a large-scale project? We offer loose loads to accommodate your extensive construction needs. Reach us to get a competitive quote.

Quantity Calculator

To determine the correct amount of aggregate required, please make use of our calculator below. Input your measurements in the provided fields.

Gravel Calculator Diagram

We cannot guarantee an exact conversion of materials on site, as it depends on factors beyond our control such as moisture content, compaction method and degree, and the type of sub-base used. Therefore, we cannot assume contractual responsibility for any surplus or shortfall that may occur.

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