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BeefEater 1200S Series 4 Burner BBQ & Trolley

BeefEater 1200S Series 4 Burner BBQ & Trolley

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What else can fascinate your outdoor setting more than an elegant white-coloured BBQ? With its practical yet stylish design, this BeefEater BBQ is the perfect choice for fully embracing outdoor living. It enhances the aesthetics of your patio or garden and offers high performance and functionality.

Best Placements:

  • Patio

  • Deck

  • Outdoor Kitchen

  • Backyard

  • Garden space

  • Gazebo

  • Poolside

  • Canopy and balcony

  • Outer dining areas

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Material: The 1200S Series from Brisks is built to stand the test of time. Its sturdy construction ensures it can handle the demands of regular outdoor use, making it a wise investment for any barbecue enthusiast.

  • Modern Appeal: Unlike the traditional BBQ, Brisks BBQ carries a modern appeal and texture. The modern appeal of the BeefEater BBQ adds a touch of luxury to your gatherings.

  • Enclosed 4-Burner Box: The BBQ comes with an enclosed and seam-welded burner box. The 4-burners attached make it easier for you to host all kinds of gatherings and events. Moreover, the feature minimises the risk of grease leakage.

Additional Info:

  • Versatility: You can always use the product in a versatile style. For a cosy couple's dinner or grand gatherings, the BeefEater BBQ caters to all your culinary needs.

  • Easy Assembly: Moreover, the BBQ is easy to assemble and convenient to use. You don't have to worry about their fittings and the right techniques.

  • Swift Delivery: Our delivery partner at Brisks ensure that your order is delivered to you swiftly and securely, without any damage.

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