What is Aggregate Material Used For?

What is Aggregate Material Used For?

Aggregates can be used for a variety of purposes within a residential capacity. Whether it be decorating gardens, enhancing driveways or making sure safety has been implemented during the winter months, aggregate products form an integral part behind just about everyone’s home. If you’re new to the world of aggregate supplies and need further insight into which products would be best suited to certain applications, we have taken a close look at common materials and when they should be called upon.


The garden is a great place to go wild with style and creativity. Away from the more natural elements behind landscaping, the use of quality aggregates can also bolster the general aesthetic in rather emphatic ways. Given how pathways are usually placed around gardens to improve ease of access, maybe consider something like sandstone paving, where you’ll find there’s a variety of tones available, including both fossil mint and sunset buff. Do you have a pond area? Then the use of decorative gravel around the exterior or even within the pond itself can really enhance the finish. Something like our 100mm golden gravel is perfect for the bottom most part of ponds, something which truly comes to life once exposed to water.

Play Areas

Staying at home more often could mean gardens have been kitted out with equipment for young children, most of which would normally be made available at local parks. If you have a brand new play area installed, you need to think about which aggregates would be best for both style and safety. The biggest concern will be how you can soften the blow for children who may fall from great heights, in which case, our purpose made play pit sand or play bark could be what you’re looking for. In regards to the former, our own product is formulated to BSEN1177 standards, and made to be non-staining, making this the perfect solution for any kind of play areas.


Safety can also be enhanced quite dramatically when using the most appropriate aggregate products. A prime example would be when snow or ice has started to settle across driveways or paths, and when this does happen, definitely think about using our white de-icing salt. Although this often gets used for schools, hospitals and main roads, there’s certainly no harm in spreading this across any surfaces around the home which could become slippery without some kind of combative measure in place. Placing down salt will lower the freezing point for water, preventing ice from taking shape.

Learn More About Aggregates Today

With so many amazing aggregate products on the marketplace, it can be hard to know precisely where to start! Are you planning a brand new garden landscaping project? Or do you need some assistance as to which gravel would be best for your home? You can always reach out to Brisks, where a member of our team can explain anything we supply in much greater detail. Simply get in contact with us today for experienced guidance and expertise.

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