Best Children’s Playground Surface Materials

Best Children’s Playground Surface Materials

One of the great features of being a parent is those sunny days you’re able to take your children to the park. Here, they can run wild and enjoy the vast number of exciting activities on offer, creating some amazing memories in the process.

Our play aggregates are the perfect products to ensure your favourite outdoor space is suitably built with the right materials. In this blog, we have focused our attention on two of the most common choices and why they prove to be so effective.


Play sand differs greatly from regular sand with many aspects, but in both cases, you can be sure of a cost-effective and easy to install solution. Placing sand across park areas can also make them far more visually appealing, something which can be amplified further when we reach the summer months. 

Here at Brisks, we want to ensure peace of mind that your little ones are safe whilst having fun , so we offer British Standard children’s play pit sand, made from natural materials and developed to absorb impact effectively!


So long as you keep up maintenance, bark will also prove to be a great choice when safeguarding children in play areas. Infrequent upkeep can lead to bark becoming misplaced, and should this happen, you’ll need to buy aggregates from the same range of bark to ensure gaps are filled in without distorting the general style.

The process of installing bark is also very simple as this can be raked across the entire surface, and you’ll also find this can be a lot cheaper to other common alternatives. Our play bark is extremely durable to all weather conditions, something which is of course hugely advantageous in this country!

What is the Safest Surface to Use Under Playground Equipment?

There’s no real definitive answer, simply because everything we have mentioned is highly effective and widely used across the country. If you need aggregates for sale that have been specifically manufactured for play parks, we are always more than happy to discuss what we offer.

Simply contact our team directly and we will get back to you right away.

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