What is The Best Decorative Stone?

What is The Best Decorative Stone?

Summer is looming on the horizon, so what better time to lay crucial foundations for your upcoming gardening projects. There are many things to consider when designing your preferred layout, and one of the most essential would be the style of decorative stones you have in place. With a broad range of options available, it’s often highly time-consuming when deciding which is best, so we have taken a close look at some of the most appropriate to give you some much needed insight. 


A key consideration when designing a garden in this country would be how to best counter rather unpredictable weather conditions. So definitely consider some form of gravel, since this comes with effective drainage capabilities, which will significantly reduce damage around the garden, and more crucially, helps prevent plants from drowning and eventually dying out. It’s a cost-effective solution which is suitable for a number of applications, and this will also be continually simple to maintain. With so many colours, textures and tones to choose from, you’re certain to discover products which seem tailor-made for your garden’s aesthetic. 

Pebbles & Cobbles 

These are much smaller compared to many alternatives, so a much better choice for decorating pond spaces. You can place these either on the outskirts of such areas or within the water itself, and that’s because these aggregates come with highly proficient water absorbing qualities. Much like gravel, you can often choose from a wide selection of tones, and one of the great benefits would be how these products truly come to life once exposed to wet conditions, making them a solid choice all-round. 


If you want to create a compelling garden design with tons of lavish plants, but fearful of weeds, then consider using chippings. Place these around planting areas and you can expect weeds to be suppressed, giving you the keys to unlocking the design you most desire. They’re also suitable for pathways, so using chippings for both this and planting areas is a great way to create a sense of consistency around the outside of your home. 

How We Can Help 

We have the very products needed to create long-lasting and meaningful garden design. With a large selection of pebbles and cobbles available, ranging from light to much darker tones, you can be sure every single preference in style has been taken into consideration. Similar applies to our range of gravel, with Staffordshire PinkGolden and Moonstone Flint just some of the variations on offer. 

Perhaps you’re concerned about the maintenance required for loose aggregates? Then take a look at self-binding gravel, as this compacts into a permanently fixed state, offering you with the same aesthetically pleasing finish but without concerns over an untidy looking garden. 

Contact Our Team Today 

Are you getting ready for the summer? So are we! Our team can’t wait to help customers get the aggregates they need to create their desired home gardens. For more information about what we supply, please do not hesitate to contact us directly today.

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