How Can Slate Chippings Complement Any Garden Landscaping Project?

How Can Slate Chippings Complement Any Garden Landscaping Project?

Developing plans for a landscaping project can be long-winded. The key of course is finding the right decorative stones best suited to the garden, simply because they often help create the general tone you’re looking to have established. 

We all know gravel has many applications for the garden, but many aggregate suppliers are trying to make people aware of the benefits that come from garden slate chippings, offering much the same levels of style and strength. 

Here, we have looked at slate chippings, with focus on its many uses and why it has always been such a popular choice for homeowners. 

What Slate Chippings Can be Used For


Chippings will typically lock together when pressure has been applied, making them suitable for paths. The solid construct will then help to make the process of walking around the garden a simple and often methodical process. 

Pond Areas 

Do you have a pond area? Then slate chippings come with the capacity to improve the outside of such spaces, and their water-resistance means they can be placed across the bottom. Don’t worry about water coming into contact! Slate chippings will look equally stylish both wet and dry. 

Flower Beds 

Pushing the boundaries with landscaping can only be achieved when using high quality aggregates. So, maybe think about using slate chippings for flower beds, providing you with a layout which displays how much care you have taken with the aesthetic. 

Benefits of Slate Chippings

Improves Soil 

Flowers need regular access to nutrients in order to survive. Using slate chippings will help enforce the build-up of moisture, allowing your garden to flourish throughout the entire year. 

Weather Resistant 

The weather in this country can be rather unpredictable. It’s therefore paramount you design gardens which can endure both warm and cool conditions. Slate chippings come with great weather resistance, so strength won’t be compromised even when heavy rain does start to fall. 

Simple Maintenance 

After you’ve completed your landscaping project, the last thing you’d want is constant intervention from yourself to keep things looking the part. Once slate chippings have been installed, you will find maintenance is remarkably simple, leaving you to focus on other key elements for your garden. 

How to Choose Your Slate Chippings

Firstly, think about the scale of your landscaping project and take it from there. Across the current marketplace, there are tons of slate chippings available, adopting very different tones and sizes. Get a rough idea of what you need, and if you’re using calculations to ascertain the right amount, it’s always worth adding a little extra to ensure you’re covered. 

Its general use should also be considered, since slate chippings best suited to garden furniture may not be appropriate for use around flower beds. We understand this, so within our range of chippings, there’s a wide selection of colours to choose from, including: silver, pink, limestone and polar blue. 

Contact us today for more information about slate chippings and anything else we have available.

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