Choosing the Right Decorative Stones for Your Garden

Choosing the Right Decorative Stones for Your Garden

The final touches made to your garden are vital, otherwise, the general layout could completely fall apart. Not only should you think carefully about the type of garden furniture you have in place, but it’s also important to consider how decorative stones could be the key to unlocking even more style. We are aggregate suppliers with the capacity to deliver carefully sourced products that can truly elevate your gardens right away. Among the wide range of solutions available, below are just a handful along with their core benefits. 

Beach Cobbles 

Having a consistent trend with colouring may work well with an outdoor lounge set, but the more creatively inclined among you may feel an assortment of tones would work better with your landscaping. That’s why we have smooth beach cobbles sourced from the Scottish coast, offering you decorative stones which come in greys, tans and browns. Their versatility makes them a great choice for both modern and traditional layouts, so never fear about their suitability alongside the most recent garden innovation. 

Golden Gravel 

As one of the most popular decorative stones we supply, our golden gravel is seen as the benchmark for people who want class around their pathways, bedding and flower beds. Do you have an outdoor seater sofa based near a pond? Then golden gravel goes to another level when wet, so placing this within the depths of pond water is a simple way to increase the trendy ambience you may want to be established when relaxing. The golden tone also works perfectly with the natural green associated with grass, and you will find no problem matching this with a variety of colours you may choose for things like brickwork. 

Oyster Pebbles 

For a more rugged approach, maybe consider oyster pebbles. With grey, blue and cream shades available, they also make for a great addition to pond areas. If you want to hand more prominence to colourful flowers or even an extreme lounging bean bag, then their graceful appearance will give you an effective aggregate solution without distorting the effect of other landscaping elements. Placing them strategically can hand your garden a healthy blend of lighter tones along with darker colours to create a garden design where everything harmonises together perfectly. 


Low maintenance and simple application can make shingles another great choice for major landscaping projects. The range of colours they will supply means eye-catching flower beds can be created, and the less than consistent shaping of each single means you are handed a natural-looking finish. Imagine relaxing in a lounging hammock across an entire area filled with shingles! Being surrounded by aggregates of the utmost quality is the sure-fire way to add even more luxury to such additions made to your garden. 

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Your garden can be handed a surge of brand new style when choosing the right decorative stones. If you are new to the world of landscaping, our team is always more than happy to discuss the best options before you move ahead. Get in contact with us today

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