What is Self-Binding Gravel Used For?

What is Self-Binding Gravel Used For?

Gravel adopts some amazing strength and resistance, but when applied loosely, this still could fail to achieve the firm finish you’re looking for. If that’s the case, definitely consider self-binding gravel for any pathway, since this provides you with an immaculate result which solidifies together in seamless fashion. This can also help you retain a more neat and tidy appearance around your garden, especially since loose gravel can become wayward quite easily.

How Does Self-Binding Gravel Work?

Self-binding gravel is a careful mixture of dust, sand and clay, all of which bind together when forced into a compact state. The final result is still the same aesthetically pleasing appearance you get from loose gravel, but with the added advantage of more resistance and strength.

How Do You Install Self-Binding Gravel?

The first thing would be marking the precise area you intend to lay down your self-bind gravel. Then, dig out this same area, the depth of which will come down to the quantity of product you want to be laid down. If you want to install edging around the pathway, then now would be the time, so place any stones or bricks down in the required position.

You can now loosely lay down your self-binding gravel. Try to keep this around a couple of inches above ground level, since this will make the compacting process much easier. Now, using a vibrating roller, you can compact the gravel down, spreading very small amounts of water as you move along to help amplify the effectiveness of this procedure.

Why Choose Self-Binding Gravel? 

Firstly, the cost can often be much cheaper compared to things like paving slabs. It’s also a really straightforward process from the moment gravel is placed down through to the main compacting stage. Once established, a self-binding gravel pathway or driveway will have the credentials to resist constant exposure to weight from people or vehicles, and also comes with the capacity to deter major effects from the unpredictability of British weather. Maintenance is also simple, and more often than not, barely necessary. That’s because self-binding gravel is both strong and long-lasting.

What Do We Offer? 

We have a quality self-binding gravel product, offering you with really simple maintenance and a stylish weathered finish. This could be the key to rounding off pathways, driveways or even golf courses with that extra bit of style needed to really elevate the entire design. As always, you can choose from bulk or mini bags, and even order samples to check our product’s suitability.

Discover Quality Aggregates Today 

We stock a comprehensive range of aggregates which stem well away from just self-binding gravel. Are you planning a major landscaping project for this coming summer? Then take a look at our selection of garden furniture? Do you fancy overhauling your children’s play area? Then we have both play pit sand and play bark in sure supply. For more details about anything we offer, simply get in direct contact with Brisks today.

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