Advantages of Rail Ballast

Advantages of Rail Ballast

Railways are safety conscious from top to bottom, especially given the volume of people who use trains every single day to get into work. We’re all familiar with the usual components such as the track itself, but have you ever wondered what is placed across the track bed? This would be rail ballast, a common aggregate product for the railway industry, and here, we have explained why. 

What is Rail Ballast? 

Rail ballast is laid across the railroad ties, often packed below and above. It’s often installed to help retain water drainage credentials and ensure vegetation can never interfere with the main track itself. The strength of these aggregates will also provide more solidity for trains as they move along the rack, since this keeps the track upright and spaced correctly. 

So, Why Install Rail Ballast? 

Below are just some of the main reasons rail ballast gets installed. 


This particular aggregate can often be acquired fairly cheaply, so hugely beneficial given the large quantity of product typically required to cover large railways. Installation is also really simple, so again, this should help reduce costs given the time frames associated with labour. 

Once installed, this will help maintain the quality of the track, mainly due to its exceptional drainage, which can be massively important when battling the harsh weather we frequently experience in the UK throughout almost the entire year. 


It’s important to set the right impression to visitors enjoying a holiday in the UK, so the last thing they want is uncomfortable train rides as they venture around. With ballast installed, you will enhance solidity across the track, providing passengers with a smoother ride from start to finish. Its strength can also benefit trains carrying heavy loads, which would otherwise be susceptible to balance issues in certain areas. 


There’s also a wide selection of ballast on the marketplace, both in terms of construct and appearance. This would include ballast made with stone, sand, gravel and lots of other small rocks. The level of choice ensures railways are given the most suitable enhancements and with the desired aesthetic in mind. 

Buy Track Ballast Here 

We supply Network Rail approved rail ballast, which can be delivered across the UK in bulk bags or loose tipped. Our products are sustainably sourced from a quarry in the Midlands, and these can be provided in either grey, pink or beige finishes. With a large delivery network established, we’re also best placed to provide emergency cover for railways which need immediate attention. 

Contact Brisks Today 

Whether it’s rail ballast or any other commercial aggregate, we’re sure to have the products you need to complete your next projects with distinction. If you want quality aggregates at competitive prices, be sure to get in contact with a member of our team today and discover how we have pioneered exceptional aggregate services across the entire UK, meeting with every single customer’s specific needs to deliver precisely what they want and when they need it most.

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