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40-90mm Polar White Cobbles

40-90mm Polar White Cobbles

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Brisks 40-90mm Polar White Cobbles are another fascinating addition to your gardens and outdoor environments. These beautifully sparkly white cobbles are a timeless choice that will instantly uplift the general aesthetic of your garden or landscaping projects. You can use these large white cobbles anywhere to create a mesmerising aura, in water features, or as a decorative element in your garden.

Common Uses:

  • Landscaping

  • Decorative aesthetics

  • Garden edges

  • Garden beds

  • Walkways borders

40-90mm White Cobbles Key Features:

  • Bag Size Options: We have different bag sizes available to cater for every need. Approx:

    • Bulk Bag (800kg)

    • Half Bulk Bag (400kg)

    • 50 Mini Bags (50 x 20kg = 1000kg)

    • 20kg Bag 

    • Sample

  • Size Range: With white cobbles ranging from 40mm to 90mm in size, you can use them in various landscaping projects. The consistent size suits every corner of your garden.

  • Sparkling White Colour: These decorative garden cobbles radiate a bright and sparkling white colour, bringing a sense of purity and sophistication to any landscape.

  • Timeless Aesthetics: Brisks 40-90mm white cobbles provide a timeless and classic look that complements any style of garden or landscaping.

White Cobbles Additional Info:

  • Delivery Options: Our speedy delivery service ensures your order arrives promptly. All bagged deliveries will be dropped off curbside via an 18-t tail lift vehicle and pump truck. For more details, please refer to our delivery guide.
  • Bulk Orders: Planning a large-scale project? We offer loose loads to accommodate your extensive construction needs. Reach us to get a competitive quote.

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