What Kind of Sand is Play Sand?

What Kind of Sand is Play Sand?

Play sand goes through a series of key processes to ensure this can be made suitable for use by children. The product will come clean and soft, both of which ensure children are not exposed to potentially harmful substances when they’re outside playing. Sharp debris is swiftly removed and intense water pressurization is undertaken to provide an immaculate product across the board.


What is Play Sand Used For?

The most common use is a bit of a giveaway due to its name, however given the soft texture associated with this product, there’s in fact a few more instances where this would be considered far more appropriate compared to other alternatives. 


Sand Pits 

Playing with sand is one of the all-time favourite activities for young children. You can’t use builder’s sand as this won’t have been through the same checks, so there’s every chance that sharp and harmful debris could be present. The soft texture also makes play sand really easy to handle, allowing children to move large quantities without feeling any strain. 


Sporting Activities

Volleyball and even football are often played over sand, and in this instance, the play sand variant is by far the more suitable choice. The soft texture again helps to provide comfort for players, and in the case of football, large clunks are less likely to form and cause disruption to play. Many outdoor beach activities are done barefoot, so the fact that the sand is clean provides a more hygienic surface for all involved. 


Playground Surface 

A huge consideration when planning brand new play areas would be which surface material is the most appropriate. Bark and rubber certainly have their merits, but neither can really match play sand for cost and ease of installation. This also provides a far more pleasing aesthetic, something which really comes to life during the summer months. 


Is Play Sand Good For Soil?

No not really! We Brits need to be careful about the weather, and play sand simply won’t have the drainage capacity to prove effective when the heavens start to open. You’re much better off selecting a sand product with a far larger grain.

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