How To Cut Concrete Block

How To Cut Concrete Block

Concrete blocks are used for lots of construction projects, owing to their strength, resilience and all-round quality. 

Do you have upcoming building work that requires concrete blocks? We’ve explained how these should be cut for the best results. 

What are The Advantages of Concrete Blocks?

You can’t really go wrong with concrete blocks, and in fact, they’re one of the most popular aggregate materials around. They’re manufactured to exude very high levels of quality, which is of course, hugely important for structural work. 

These will be installed uniformly, which means ordering the correct quantity is much simpler, and that also means measurements are easier to make. Thermal insulation can also be enhanced, along with increased water absorbing qualities. 

What Tool is Used To Cut Blocks?

Your best bet will always be masonry saws. It’s a powerful tool capable of cutting through concrete blocks with a rapid spinning motion, not possible from manual input. Their sharp, concentrated and ultimately, accurate cuts, will give you a clean, neat and orderly looking block ready for installation. 

What Type of PPE Should Be Worn When Cutting Concrete?

Keep both your hands and eyes suitably protected during the entire cutting process. For the former, heavy duty gloves will shield you against wayward debris, and regarding the latter, eye goggles must be worn, as this very same debris could easily fling straight into your face and cause serious damage.

What’s The Best Way to Cut Concrete Blocks?

Life can sometimes be made a lot easier for you, that’s if your concrete blocks come with splitting notches. If that’s the case, you’ll need to make accurate scores around the whole block, and then place a chisel along the notch, before striking firmly until this comes apart. 

If you’re using masonry saws to counteract a lack of splitting notches, you’ll firstly need to mark where you intend to make your cut. Scores are then needed on both the top and bottom of the block, after which, you can grab hold of chisels to again make this come apart. It’s best to not strike at the centre, as this can make splitting uneven. 

What is The Difference Between a Cinder Block and Concrete Block?

The main difference would be their comparative weights, that being how concrete blocks are made from stone and sand, making them a lot heftier. Cinder blocks are also fabricated from coal cinder, whereas concrete products primarily use steel and cement. 

Our Concrete Blocks for Sale 

We supply a wide range of concrete blocks, which come with medium, hollow or solid levels of density. These can be used for a variety of internal and external applications, which includes external, cavity, partition and party walls. 

Contact Our Team Today 

Our nationwide delivery network means everything we currently supply can be supplied within incredibly proficient timeframes across the entire country. We also have a quantity claaturte available to ensure you order the correct amount of concrete blocks for your specific projects. 

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