How Do You Protect Play Sand?

How Do You Protect Play Sand?

Summer will be here before you know it! This time of year is especially great for aggregate suppliers who can help people revitalise their gardens with brand new products specially made for outdoor spaces. Older members of the family are likely to be more interested in how they can bolster their paving layout or installing pieces of modern furniture, but for children, the idea of long days out in the sun playing with sand is definitely something to truly relish.

If you have young children who love spending time in sandpits, you obviously need to buy children’s play sand online which meets with specific requirements, and further to this, certain maintenance must be observed to retain both its quality and cleanliness.

What Sand is Play Sand?

If you’re not sure what play sand actually offers, well given how this aggregate will be used by young children, play sand is put through a series of processes to ensure this can be handled safely. With debris taken out, play pit sand eventually adopts a far smoother and refined texture compared to alternatives typically used for construction purposes.

How Do You Preserve Play Sand?

It’s really quite simple and obvious. Any play sand needs to be placed within a sandpit, allowing you to keep the aggregate stored neatly and with the capacity to remain covered whilst not in use. British weather is always unpredictable even during the summer months, so given how the next rain shower is unfortunately often just around the corner, this basic yet essential step is something you must consider every single day.

Does Play Sand Need To Be Covered?

Yes it absolutely must. Not covering play sand could lead to significant issues in terms of hygiene. Firstly, the product will be exposed to wildlife, and this could include vermin such as rats and foxes, both of which spread diseases. It’s also important to keep rainwater off sand to keep it dry, otherwise bacteria could start growing.

How Do You Maintain Sand For Kids?

Be proactive with your maintenance, especially since neglecting the sandpit for long periods could see what would normally be minor issues escalate completely out of control. Look out for debris which could be harmful and any litter left behind by unwanted visitors. Sand should never be washed, but that certainly doesn’t apply to any toys which should be thoroughly wiped down on a fairly regular basis.

How Long Can You Keep Play Sand?

Even with frequent maintenance in place, you’ll find that when you buy sand online from any supplier, this aggregate won’t last forever. Generally speaking, this should be replaced completely once every two years at the very least.

Buy Play Pit Sand Here

We supply a non-staining play pit sand product which meets with BSEN177 standards. The product can be supplied in a variety of sizes, the amount of which can be easily determined by using our quantity calculator. Made for schools, nurseries or play areas, grab hold of this quality product to keep children thoroughly entertained over the summer season. For further information about this or anything else we supply, get in contact with us today.

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