Why is Deicing Roads Important

Why is Deicing Roads Important

This time of year is known to many for its harsh weather conditions. Certain days can be difficult to navigate owing to the adverse environments we typically experience during the winter months, where both rain and even snow are far more prevalent. 

The latter can be particularly detrimental to health, safety and being able to even get around. For this very reason, de-icing products and many more combative measures are usually brought into play to deter the effects of ice. Below are some of the basic reasons this gets done. 

Health & Safety

Snow and ice both look pleasant on the eye, but their presence can bring about a wave of health and safety concerns. Slipping up is the obvious one, and in some cases, black ice could be present, therefore not much chance for anticipating problems in advance. In terms of roads, the build-up of ice can wreak havoc over grip, leading to less than conducive driving conditions. Even when people slow down, you’re always at risk of veering off course or even hitting others should you be driving across slippery surfaces. 

Prevents Further Build-Up

Every so often, we get those remarkably harsh winters where it seems to snow every single day. Keeping on top of consistent snowfall is vital, as infrequent de-icing will only mean surfaces are left to be made even less safe. Before each day, and so long as snow is still being forecasted, a proactive approach with de-icing will ensure problems can never escalate completely out of control. 

Keeps the World Moving

Even though many of us have switched to home working, there’s still a sizable slice of the population that don’t. And what’s more, there’s certain to be a large number of self-employed people who work in trades, therefore travelling across roads all the time. It can be hard to move along roads promptly when snow has fallen, but so long as de-icing has been implemented, at least roads can be accessed in the first place.

Why is Salt Good for De-icing Roads?

We see it almost every year, but many of us are completely unaware as to why salt is used to de-ice the roads. Salt is used to lower the freezing point of water, providing the ideal platform to help melt existing snow and ice away completely. Placing salt down before the weather turns for the worst can also prevent new ice from forming, something which makes snow clearance far easier. 

We Supply White De-icing Salt

Want to get ahead of the game? We’ll soon be in the heart of winter, and that means snow and ice are more likely to be a concern. Luckily for you, we are aggregate suppliers with white de-icing salt readily available, sourced from a number of different mines across the world. What makes our white de-icing stand out? Well, our product comes in large granules, offering a pure solution which leaves very little residue after use. 

For further information about any of the aggregate products we have for sale, be sure to get in contact with our team today.

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