Which Garden Furniture is Best?

Which Garden Furniture is Best?

It feels as though summer is trying its very best to come into full fruition, so what better time to start thinking about the type of garden furniture that would be best for long and glorious days out in the sun. Even if you’re happy with the layout of your garden, adding brand new furniture could spring lots of life into certain spaces, and that means summer socials are likely to be even more joyous. Below, we have taken a close look at just some of the products from our summer furniture range that we can offer you in 2022.

Extreme Lounging Mini Bags

The next rain shower is never too far away, even when the summer arrives. To ensure you have furniture which can combat likely rainfall, consider Extreme Lounging Mini Bags, since these are specially manufactured to defeat the elements, and when this does become a concern, water won’t compromise the vibrant colours they emit. That’s because its water-proof fabric creates a sustainable level of durability for use throughout the year.

Extreme Lounging Hammocks

Kick back and relax in our Extreme Lounging Hammocks, which are both durable and comfortable, so perfect for relaxation and longevity. With a seamlessly installed pivot forming the backbone of this product, you can swing from side-to-side and start feeling the satisfaction of optimum tranquillity. It’s also a great focal feature, with its contemporary design helping you form a notable starting point in which the rest of your garden can take inspiration.

Metropolitan Corner Set

For a neat and practical approach to garden furniture, we have the Metropolitan Corner Set. Simply slot this into the corner of your patio layout to create an elegant lounging area which never compromises space unnecessarily. You can also serve up lots of food and drink on its low teak table, made with an elegant floating effect.

Cottage Bistro Set

Getting that quaint, traditional appearance within your garden can be easily achieved with the Cottage Bistro Set. The retro design also comes with water resistance materials, so a huge plus when battling the occasional shower over the summer period. This is sure to stand the test of time from a design perspective, making this a shrewd long-term investment to make for your home.

Timor Lounge Set

Looking for that natural finish from your furniture to help compliment your garden? Then the Timor Lounge Set is made with open weaved framing to create that minimalist style you’re looking for. Comfort is also in sure supply, owing to its trendy bohemian feel when lounging.

Chester Bistro Set

Gardens without the luxury of large open spaces could greatly benefit with the Chester Bistro Set. It’s a small and neat solution for lounging in the summer, and comes with extremely durable Hularo wicker, offering an innovative finish from top to bottom.

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