What Is White De-Icing Salt?

What Is White De-Icing Salt?

Even though we don’t have loads of snow here in the UK, those few days a year when the snow does show up, we often find the whole country stops! And we don’t even need snow to show up, sometimes it’s enough for the temperature to drop and our pipes to get frozen, pathways to get slippery and main roads to get icy. That’s where the importance of de-icing comes in. De-icing itself is the process to make the snow, ice or frost melt and leave roads, pathways and other surfaces clear and safe.

Why choose white de-icing salt?

White de-icing salt is considered as the cleanest de-icing salt. It is mostly used where cleanliness and hygiene are important as it is purer and leaves very little residue. It is often the best choice for use in schools, retail outlets and hospitals. And as it’s the cleanest de-icing salt, there isn’t so much of a problem with the carpets getting clogged up with salt, which means less and easier cleaning!

White salt is an effective de-icing salt that is excellent at melting snow, ice or frost, so it is a perfect option for pathways and high traffic areas. It helps to keep public spaces safe and clean for people to walk and drive.

White de-icing salt doesn’t need to be used only when the snow or frost has already formed, it can be used as a preventative measure when lower temperatures and snow are expected, the salt can prevent frost and ice from forming in the first place.

As colder weather approaches it is essential to stock up on de-icing products such as white de-icing salt to keep your property, pathways, roads, or any other surface safe. Our white de-icing salt is sourced from various mines across the world and is an ideal option when preparing for snow or cold weather to help prevent the formation of ice or frost which can result in people slip injuries or car accidents and delays. The salt can be spread manually or by using a mechanical spreader on paths, roads, car parks and playgrounds, etc.

You can purchase white de-icing salt.

For more information on commercial needs, send us an email at customersupport@brisks.co.uk.

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