What is Rock Salt Used For?

What is Rock Salt Used For?

Heading into the latter stages of the year can only mean one thing! Harsh & unforgiving weather conditions! When ice and snow does show up, it’s paramount we have the right safety measures in place to ensure vehicles can’t veer off roads and people are less susceptible to slipping when walking around paths. That’s where rock salt is ready to step in! This aggregate product is scattered across pretty much any outdoor surface, creating a robust, protective layer for all.

So, how does it work? Well, rock salt will de-ice roads by lowering the freezing point of water, which basically means snow and ice will be far less likely to form. The solution will eventually break down the bond between slippery substances and each surface. This can prove essential during consistently poor weather periods, as rock salt will halt the build-up of ice and snow before it can escalate completely out of control.

What is Rock Salt and Why is it Important?

Brown rock salt in particular is a commonly used aggregate in the UK, sourced from various minerals found across the world. It’s vital during the winter given how it’s dark colouring makes it easily detectable over snowy conditions. Implementation can be done manually or with mechanical spreaders, depending on the volume required.

How is Rock Salt Made?

It’s a pretty simple process where salty water evaporates from the ocean. In scientific terms, rock salt is the mineral formation of sodium chloride.

What’s The Difference Between White and Brown Rock Salt?

Brown and white salt obviously come with comparable appearances, but they also differ in terms of how they are extracted. Brown salt will be sourced from evaporating water, however white salt will be mined from only countries which have warm climates. White salt is also more expensive, so if large quantities are needed for road protection, you’re going to get more for your money opting for brown salt instead.

Get Winter Ready

Get ready for the winter with our quality rock salt product. We have taken time to source our rock salt from across the globe, helping us supply effective aggregate solutions ready to combat both snow and ice with precision. Our brown rock salt contains large granules, so even the most arduous conditions can be dealt with effectively.

The weather can turn in a flash, so we’re always the best choice for responsive delivery times which could prove essential when trying to keep both roads and paths safe for use. You can also order as much rock salt as you need with our estimating calculator. Pay for what you need and when you need it here at Brisks!

If you need guidance on which de-icing salt is the best, simply get in contact with our team today. We can supply de-icing salts nationwide with 48hr delivery available in most regions. So, get set for snow and ice with our range of quality aggregate solutions today, where you can benefit from our highly competitive prices right away.

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