Golden Gravel

The Benefits of Using Golden Gravel in Landscaping

What else can blend the idea of modern, warm, yet aesthetic outdoors than using golden gravel?

In modern times, house owners and architects seek contemporary yet classic landscaping stones for their outdoor spaces. Obviously, landscaping gravels play a crucial role in deciding the aura of a setup. From functionality to durability, gravels bring everything to the table. Moreover, time demands durable yet chic outdoor settings. While there are multiple options available in the market, you can't always make the right choice without knowing the characteristics and functions of the raw materials.

Have you ever heard of golden gravel? Along with its warm, lustrous colour appeal, the gravel and its features combine sustainability and longevity, making it perfect for creating trendy outdoors. Here is an article compiling the benefits of using golden gravel in landscaping. 

Golden Gravel

Understanding the Composition of Golden Gravel

Golden gravel, commonly referred to as gold gravel sometimes, is one of the chief players in the world of decorative stones. Known for its lustrous, warm golden colour, the stone is used in versatile ways for outdoor design. 

Different suppliers have different criteria for this gravel. Usually, you can find a combination of golden, yellow, brown, and beige-coloured stones. However, premium quality landscaping gravel consists of solid gold or yellow pea gravel. The shape of these gravels is generally round, featuring no rough or sharp edges due to consistent weathering. 


Generally, golden flint gravels are sourced from riversides. However, particular quarries and gravel pits are also considered substantial sources of these stones. In the United Kingdom, Dorset is known for its finest quality of yellow pea gravel. Stones sourced from here reflect distinctive colour appeal and hardness.


Due to its versatile nature and functionality, golden gravel can be used in multi-purpose ways. For instance, you can use it in your garden area to decorate places such as poolsides, fountains, or nearby pots and plants. In the same way, golden gravel driveways are trending in the UK because of their durable and lustrous appeal.

7 Benefits of Using Golden Gravel in Landscaping

Now comes the main topic: what is the benefit of using golden gravel in landscaping? Along with durability and pristine shine, golden gravel offers multiple benefits; here is the list.

Excellence Drainage

The best part of golden flint gravel is that it reflects excellent drainage properties. Thus, you need not worry about its applications near water bodies. Neither of these stones is reactive to the water reacting to their surface. Thus, even around the wet region and in rainy atmospheres, the gravels are resistant to wear and tear. 

Weed Resistant

Another benefit of investing in golden flint gravel is that you do not need to support it separately in the weed protection membrane. However, it's best to opt for the membrane to add an extra layer of protection. In landscaping, the golden gravels often interlock over one another, thus preventing light from reaching the growing medium, which slows the growth of the weed. When combined with the weed control membrane, it totally inhibits growth, making them a popular choice for patios and gardens. 

A Sustainable Choice

The world today is growing towards a sustainable mode of living. You can also take one step in the right direction by opting for landscaping gravels and stones instead of contemporary marble and cemented floors. Unlike cemented floors, gravel retains the natural water flow and penetrates it to the ground level. It reduces the flood risks, improves the groundwater table, and also ensures the longevity of the landscaping. 


Unlike marble and luxurious stones, which demand special cleaning chemicals, natural gravel doesn't demand high maintenance. In fact, you don't even need to polish them on a regular basis to restore shine. All you need to do is simply wash away the surface with water, and you are good to go. 

Easy to Lay

Unlike edgy chippings and symmetric pavings, gravels are easy to lay and thus DIY-friendly. Because of their round corners, they easily overlap each other and form a stable top layer that doesn't cause any trouble for the architect to plan versatile designs or the masons.

Root Protection

If you are looking for some amazing landscaping stones for the pots and nearby plant edges, think of the gravels. They are root-friendly and don't cause any trouble to the growth of the plants.

Quick Weather Transformation

Another benefit of round golden gravel is the weather transformation it reflects after rain. After rain, the stones' colour turns a shade darker, creating an eye-catching aura in your space. 

The Ideal Size and Quantity of Golden Gravels for Landscaping

Now comes another important question. What is the ideal size for garden landscaping? Well, the size of gravel you should opt for landscaping depends on different things; the first is obviously the purpose for which you are using the gravel. However, in general, gold gravel 20mm in size fits a range of applications in your outdoor spaces.

To decide the quantity of the gravel required, you can estimate using the Brisks gravel calculator, and it will give you a fine idea about the amount of golden flint gravel you require for your project. For more information, you can contact Brisks, a leading supplier of landscaping aggregates in the United Kingdom. And do you know what's the best part? You can even place a sample order to experience the real beauty of the stones and their quality as well.

Wrapping Up

Modern architecture demands sustainability that blends durability as well as elegance. Brisks 20mm Golden Gravel stands as a saviour for people looking to bring all these three qualities to their garden and outdoor space. However, along with the advantages, there is also a drawback associated with the application of golden gravel: it is not that safe for fish. Thus, you should avoid using it beneath your ponds or around your aquarium. Rest assured, the qualities of these garden stones are sufficient enough to enhance every corner of your garden and transform your outdoors into a mesmerising space.

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