Sandstone Paving Inspiration

Sandstone Paving Inspiration

To ensure you have the most stunning garden designs in place, you need to be highly selective about the sort of decorative aggregates you’re using, and as one of the most integral features, this often means finding suitable solutions for your paving. 

The marketplace is filled with robust and stylish concepts, but none really come close to sandstone when it comes to elegance. Here is a breakdown of the sandstone products we supply and why they’re such great choices. 

Our Sandstone Paving For Sale 

Kandla Grey 

The Kandla Grey solution provides you with a contemporary grey finish, made with silver tones. A popular use for this sandstone would be eating areas, where its innovative construct often compliments modern-day furniture perfectly. 

Raj Green 

If you want your garden to feel both cosy and soothing, then perhaps Raj Green would be a more suitable option. Its calming presence is a simple way to add warmth to any layout, offering a range of green and neutral tones. 

Autumn Brown 

A great way to amplify the bright and vibrant colours being displayed by plants would be using Autumn Brown Sandstone. This way, you can really enjoy the opulent nature of your garden design, without other elements taking precedence. 

Sunset Buff 

It can often be very tricky to decide whether you want something bright or dark by design, so why not compromise with the use of Sunset Buff. This sandstone offers a tone made to be somewhere in the middle, which makes this ideal for a cosy yet dazzling atmosphere around the garden. 

Fossil Mint

Ideal for patios and pathways, the use of Fossil Mint will once again hand the recipient a pleasant tone across their garden. For gardens which centre on fresh colours, you may find this particular sandstone is the best option to ensure your layout  remains consistent throughout. 

Is Sandstone Good for Paving? 

Yes, sandstone is a great choice for paving. This will withstand the arduous nature of British weather, even when the heavens decide to open up!

Does Sandstone Paving Fade? 

Sometimes we do enjoy warm and sunny days in this country, and when this does happen, intense heat from the sun could cause sandstone to fade ever so slightly. In most cases, this can actually improve the finish, giving you a far more rustic look. 

How Long Will Sandstone Last? 

When sandstone has been installed correctly, fully expect them to be around for the long haul. They’re pretty easy to keep intact and should provide you with a strong and stylish paving solution for at least the next decade or so. 

Can I Pressure Wash?

You need to be careful here, as sandstone is fairly soft and highly susceptible to erosion. It can be tempting to use pressure washers since they combat grime with immense proficiency, but maybe use less forceful methods to ensure structural solidity remains in place. 

We have a broad range of high quality sandstone products which are tailor-made to improve landscaping concepts and keep your garden looking prosperous well into the future. To gain further insight into what we can supply, get in contact with us today.

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