Is There a Difference Between Topsoil and Garden Soil?

Is There a Difference Between Topsoil and Garden Soil?

Many people are now thinking about the summer and how this period is a prime time to inject life into their garden. A key concern would be how to enhance the growth of plants, where selecting the most appropriate products is crucial for long-term health and prosperity. Among the many options available, we have decided to look at both topsoil and garden soil, taking a close look at certain similarities, but more importantly, how they can differ. 

What is Topsoil? 

Ever wondered what the upper layer of soil is called? This section is known as ‘topsoil’, named simply because this aims to enrich plants from the upper section of the ground. Being placed at the top means natural materials can break down into very small pieces, finding its way into the grounds’ core with a more refined construct, made from lots of minerals which are hugely beneficial for life. 

The process can take a very long time, but when the ideal blend of minerals have been realised, this will become an incredibly powerful tool for plant growth in your garden. Some of the common nutrients would be phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, where the volume of each may differ depending on the use for your topsoil and its quality. 

What is Garden Soil? 

Garden soil is largely the same, offering your plants a healthy balance of nutrients conducive to effective growth. However, garden soil is often made to support very specific plants, so just check before you make a purchase in terms of suitability. 

Most bags will come with a unique mix of nutrients, so again, be sure to check the volume of each mineral as this will massively impact its relevance for your project. It’s always better to seek professional advice should you be unsure, otherwise you could make ill-judged decisions which end up compromising your garden plans. 

Our Solution 

We supply a quality multipurpose topsoil which is suitable for a wide range of applications. Our product is made to BS3882 standard, giving you greater assurance that this will deliver the effective growth solutions you need to truly harness the summer months. This can be used for turfing, flower beds and much more, owing to its remarkably versatile structure. 

You can also sample the product before moving ahead with any purchases, after which, using the quantity calculator means you’ll receive an accurate volume of multipurpose topsoil which fits with the specific requirements of your project. We also have an extensive delivery service, which means such goods can be delivered anywhere in the country within proficient timeframes. 

Make The Right Choice With Brisks 

You can buy aggregate online from us today. With a vast catalogue of aggregates available, we can cater towards a number of prominent building or gardening needs. To learn more about what we supply, details about our delivery service or anything else, please get in contact with a member of our expert team today.

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