How To Clean Limestone Paving Slabs

How To Clean Limestone Paving Slabs

Limestone paving is a popular choice for gardens, and it’s not hard to see why! This aggregate is brimming with versatility, durability, and the sort of style you need to add real purpose around the exterior of your home. But, as with anything exposed to the often arduous nature of the outside world, this won’t adopt the same aesthetically pleasing appearance if you’re not overseeing a stringent cleaning plan. So, below are some important things to consider when washing down your limestone paving

How Does Limestone Deteriorate?

It’s really simple. British weather is among the most varied in the world, and although this hugely benefits agricultural elements within your garden, things like limestone paving aren’t going to be so receptive when we experience high winds or rain deluges. The sun can also become its sworn enemy, with intense heat causing weathering, leading to a loss of colour. 

Can You Pressure Wash Limestone Paving?

Avoid pressure washers at all costs. The sharp bursts of power they provide are hugely efficient, and probably a little too much so for limestone, which will incur damage should they be exposed to such intense force. Taking a more pragmatic approach with your cleaning will ensure the structural integrity of your paving remains, something which is important both from a usage perspective and the way this will appear. 

How Do You Get Stains Out of Limestone Slabs?

Even after cleaning for hours upon hours, there’s still certain areas which won’t comply with your methods. These particularly difficult patches will of course need extra attention, so when this happens, consider using baking soda. Simply spread this across a damp sponge to start applying a strong alkali that dissolves dirt with minimal effort. 

Can You Use Bleach on Limestone Slabs?

Using bleach to clean limestone isn’t typically recommended, but if you insist, make sure the solution you’re using has been diluted. Bleach is an incredibly powerful product that removes bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances with distinction, but this lauded intensity can damage the formation of limestone. It’s also poisonous, so tread very carefully if you have young children or pets living at home. 

Why Choose Limestone Paving? 

With so many design options available, limestone is the perfect complement for purposeful garden layouts. The aggregate is also far smoother to many alternatives, with its natural finish giving recipients the platform they need to realise a truly wondrous concept. 

Is your garden quirky? Then limestone is easily cut into incredibly unique shapes to ensure you can cover even the most peculiarly fashioned areas. For many, the biggest debate is whether this would be considered superior to sandstone paving. If cost is your deciding factor, then limestone is often slightly cheaper. 

Buy Limestone Paving Here 

We offer a sleek back limestone product which adds a real sense of contemporary vibes to your garden. Use these to counter the typically bright and exuberant colours you get from plants. To learn more about this and anything else we supply, get in contact with us today.

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