How To Clean a BBQ Grill

How To Clean a BBQ Grill

After persistent use, your BBQ grill will of course need some form of cleaning to ensure this remains suitable for future application. It can be tricky when tacking grills which have seen plenty of glorious cooking action, but by following these really simple steps, you should have this looking spick and span in next to no time. 

Use The BBQ’s Heat To Your Advantage 

The biggest problem you’re likely to confront would be both grease and food debris which has become ingrained into the grill. To remove this effectively, simply fire up the BBQ and let its heat burn this away. Get the BBQ closed up, set the temperatures to the highest levels, and you’ve set yourself on the path towards a shiny looking grill once again.

Start Scrubbing & Soaking 

With problematic grease and debris taken care of, it’s now time to give your grill the cleaning transformation you’re looking for, and that means rolling up your sleeves and scrubbing down the surface thoroughly. There are specialist products made for this specific cleaning task, however you really can’t go wrong when using some good old fashioned soapy water. Leave the grill submerged for a while, and then work on specific areas which haven’t taken a liking to your cleaning with manual intervention. 

Do I Need to Clean My BBQ Every Time? 

Yes, it’s generally recommended that you give your entire BBQ a clean after every use, not just the grill. Failing that, be sure to conduct some form of cleaning no later than three months after your most recent BBQ stint. Even if it’s a really brief and simple clean, this could be significant when combating the build-up of potentially harmful substances. 

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your BBQ Grill? 

Aside from the less than pleasant bacteria which could emerge, a dirty grill is only going to compromise the taste of any food being cooked. It may also prove tricky when flipping burgers or twisting sausages with food far more likely to start sticking to the surface. 

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