Fact or Folklore?

Fact or Folklore?

Fact or Folklore?


The earliest known decorative gardens were in ancient Egypt around 1500BC.

According to a recent survey, Britons spend an average of £30,000 on their garden over a lifetime.

The Poison Garden at Alnwick, Northumberland, features some of the world’s most deadly plants. A sign on the gate warns: “These plants can kill”.

The Romans built the first greenhouses around AD30 to grow cucumbers for Emperor Tiberius.

World Naked Gardening Day is celebrated, mainly by naturists, on the first Saturday in May. It was founded in 2004.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of the Wonders of the Ancient World but we do not know where they were located and recent research suggests they may not even have been in Babylon.

‘Touching a pelican’ is forbidden in the 1977 regulations for London’s Royal Parks and Gardens.

Water collected in the hollows of ancient oak trees was thought to be a good remedy for fever.

Traditionally if it was warm enough to sit on the bare soil with no trousers on then it was warm enough to sow seeds.

Never bring dandelions into the house; they will make you wet the bed.

Chilli peppers will turn out spicier if you plant them while angry.

Plants improve air quality

Landscaping can add as much as 14% to the resale value of your home.

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