Driveway Gravel Maintenance Tips

Driveway Gravel Maintenance Tips

Once you have chosen the desired gravel for your driveway, you’ll have the capacity to massively transform the front of your home! This will provide you with a stylish finish which can easily complement existing features you have across your exterior.

Most upkeeping tasks are straightforward, if you need a helping hand in terms of where to start, we have pointed out some of the best maintenance tips you should perhaps consider implementing today.

Rake over the Driveway

Often driveway gravel can build-up in some areas and leave gaps in others, so the simple solution would be getting your rake out and brushing over the entire surface to ensure everything is neat and placed down at the same level. You’ll also be able to tackle weeds and any unwanted debris which may have come about, leaving you with a well-preserved space which looks regularly cared for.

Add New Gravel 

Sometimes the addition of fresh gravel can help increase the amount of style you have in place. Therefore, it’s well worth having extra gravel to hand, so you can call upon this when certain areas of your driveway appear to wear slightly.

Make sure new gravel matches with the existing aggregates, otherwise you could create a miss jointed design. If you are unsure, we have small samples of our products available, we can efficiently deliver these to your door to make the process of ensuring you have the right gravel slightly easier for you!

Why is it Important to Look After Your Driveway Gravel?

Quite simply, a lack of regular maintenance will mean your gravel products won’t be adopting the quality styling associated with this choice of driveway. As with most aspects of the home, it’s always better to sort problems right away to ensure maximum longevity.

Tools for Driveway Gravel Maintenance


The movement of these aggregates is perhaps the most important aspect behind maintenance. If you’re adding new gravel to an existing driveway, then using a shovel would be a very simple way to transport this from bags or wheelbarrows onto the surface.


After you have laid down brand new gravel, the next step would be evening out the surface. Using rakes, you can create a consistent looking driveway where gravel is placed at the same quantity, and you’ll also be able to rip out weeds in the process.

How to Clean Driveway Gravel

There are two approaches you can take here. On one hand, using a pressure washer and working over the entire surface is an incredibly effective way to tackle grime. If you don’t have such luxuries to hand, you can simply shovel gravel into a wheelbarrow and thoroughly rinse this before laying everything back down.

Get in contact with our team today for further information about the range of aggregates for sale we have on offer.

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