Decorative Stones For Gardens Ideas

Decorative Stones For Gardens Ideas

Are you getting your garden ready for the summer season? There are loads of things to consider, and most struggle to match decorative stones in terms of importance. They form the basis for lots of design ideas, so below, we have drilled down some really simple things to consider when putting together your desired outside space.

Use a Variety of Tones

Your choice of colour will be a huge factor behind the design, so think about which tones would work better together. Having a larger range of colours will help establish more character across the garden, veering you well away from a sterile appearance.

Many tones available are within the same area of the spectrum, for example, using golden hues alongside a variant slightly less harsh would create a spectacular aesthetic. Sometimes opposites attract, so in this instance, using brighter and even white tones alongside darker products will also provide you with a more purposeful appearance.

Be Creative With Your Layout

Flexing your imagination is the key to compelling garden designs. To achieve this, make sure decorative stones have been laid down with the utmost creativity in mind. If you’re working with a blank canvas, here is your chance to lay crucial foundations in which other elements of the garden can take inspiration.

Some common examples would be pathways which meander across the garden, or decorative gravel which weaves around plants, helping you give focal features the prominence they need to truly stand out. With cleverly installed decorative stones, you will have started developing a contemporary garden which you can really feel proud of.

Which Decorative Stones Should You Choose?

The stones you choose will largely come down to the appearance you intend to establish around your garden. Another consideration would be garden maintenance, so if that’s the case, look into things like decorative slate chippings which are known for their excellent weed suppression qualities.

If you’re decorating a pond area, then pebbles and cobbles would be an excellent choice to make, given how their appearance becomes even more breath-taking once exposed to water. This also makes them suitable for the harsh and often unpredictable nature of British weather.

For anyone looking to install decorative stones for pathways, the use of decorative gravel would be highly advised, since this will ensure they’re given the structural integrity to deal with heavy impact on a regular basis. Gravel also comes in a variety of tones, so pick out something you know works well with existing style choices around your garden.

Discover The Perfect Decorative Stones Here

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