Christmas Tree Guide

Christmas Tree Guide

Christmas is almost here, and let’s be honest, this time round is sure to be a little more exciting. There’s lots to think about of course, what with the mounds of food and presents which need ordering, but is there anything more magical than picking out real Christmas trees ready for the festive season? You need to get this right, given their symbolic nature, and luckily for you, we have put together this short and sweet guide to ensure you can pick out the best. 

How Many Types of Christmas Trees Are There? 

There are in fact many choices on the marketplace, each with different qualities relating to scent, colouring and shape. We have whittled this down to just three, and pointed out why they have become a regular feature for households over the course of many years. 

Nordmann Fir 

It’s among the most popular Xmas trees for sale in the UK. Why? Well, the tree comes with a wonderful shape and lasts for what can seem like ages. This tree will provide so much life and colour to your Christmas décor, offering you a stunning focal feature for all to behold. Commonly known as the ‘non-drop’ tree, the Nordmann Fir has great needle retention, so hugely advantageous for the clean freaks among us. 

Fraser Fir 

With beautiful one-inch needles, the Fraser Fir is a great addition to Christmas loving homes. The tree is soft to touch, making this a great choice for households with pets and young children, especially since needles are likely to be handled. There’s also plenty of space between branches, so you’ll find decorating both a simple and fun process from start to finish. 

Balsam Fir 

Another hugely popular tree, the Balsam Fir hails from North America. The tree offers similarly comfy needles, but with a slightly darker green colouring. This often means the needles are used for other Christmas decorations such as wreaths. Like most trees, you just need to be careful about keeping your tree away from intense levels of heat, simply because this could cause the branches to dry out. 

How Do You Take Care Of a Christmas Tree At Home? 

Be very careful about where you place your tree within the home. You may want to plunk this down somewhere which provides the greatest exposure, but the same area may be inappropriate for long-term health. Firstly, look for somewhere that doesn’t get too warm, so essentially anywhere well away from radiators. Also think about watering the tree on a regular basis. Obvious to point out, but you’d be amazed how many people overlook this really simple step. 

What is The Proper Way To Decorate A Christmas Tree? 

There is simply no right or wrong way to decorate your Christmas Tree. It really comes down to each individual’s preference in style. However, one thing to consider would be laying the tree out with a consistent theme, whether that be something traditional or modern. And of course, don’t forget the star at the top! If you have young children, then letting them place this on the tree will make the entire decorating process even more special for them. 

Grab Your Christmas Tree Here 

We now sell much more than just aggregate products! Our team has been truly swept away with Christmas fever, so you can now buy Christmas trees online right here. So grab yourself a spectacular Nordmann Firs for sale, which is both netted and packed full of Christmassy goodness. These trees are sourced from one of the UK’s leading independent growers, so you’re sure to be getting the best when you order a real Christmas tree with us. Feel free to get in contact directly for further details. 

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