Choosing the Right Surface Material for Your Children’s Play Area

Choosing the Right Surface Material for Your Children’s Play Area

Outdoor playtime is essential for children’s social, physical, and cognitive development. But providing the best playground that keeps them engaged is crucial. A right playing area makes playtime more fun and encourages them to stay socially and physically active.

As kids are physically active in the playground, injuries and falls are common. For this reason, look for appropriate surface material for the play area. Before that, you must consider a few things before choosing an ideal surface for the play area.

Traction of the Surface

Considering surface tension is crucial before deciding on the play area’s surface material. The surface should offer traction during summer and rainy seasons. The higher the traction will be, the safer the children will be. It will also prevent the risk of injuries.


You need to decide on a budget to pay the upfront cost of the playground. The prices of every material greatly vary. For instance, sand, wood chips, and pebbles are cheaper per square foot. On the other hand, rubber or turf requires a significant amount of money for installation and purchase. Decide your budget and then look for materials within your budget.

Fall Height

It’s obvious when children will play, they will have a risk of falling on the ground. While you can’t stop them from falling, you can consider the fall height rate. To offer optimum protection to children, keep the rate of the fall height more than the height of the playing equipment in the space. So, when kids fall, they will not get brutally injured.


One of the most underrated factors to consider is maintenance. The work doesn’t end with the installation of the playground surface. You need to keep up with the maintenance to eliminate the risk of repairs and replacements. Therefore, opt for a material that is easy to clean. Look for durable surfaces that aren’t easily damaged if you forget to clean the surfaces.


Of course, you need to think about aesthetics. Look for a surface that complements the theme and style of the playground as well as its equipment. Some types of material for play areas look more pleasing and attractive than others. If you want to create a beautiful modern play area, then you need to consider the aesthetics. Consider every space element and opt for a material that goes well with them.


Playground requires a good investment. When investing hefty money, it’s important to consider longevity. So, look for high-quality materials like play area bark and pit sand. Also, opt for a brand that promises to offer high-quality products at affordable prices. High-quality materials are also easy to maintain and require less repairing.

Bottom Line

Before purchasing, you need to look for the material’s quality, durability, and appearance. If you are looking for the best options, Brisks' outdoor living range has some quality options.

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